Garry Ciambella


Complete makeover of a Secondary Bathroom / Laundry room
We hired HandyDmitriy in April 2016 for a complete re-do of a secondary bathroom / laundry room located in our finished basement.
The work was extremely well done with a lot of attention to detail. Dmitriy and his team are courteous, knowledgeable and do very good work.
They are reliable. When he says his team will be there at 7 am, they are there at 7 am.
They put plastic up everywhere to contain construction dust and their work area is clean when they leave, however, dust WILL infiltrate no matter how hard you try to cover everything up.
Russian is Dmitriy\'s native language but you will have no difficulty at all conversing in either English or French. Not everyone on his team is capable of communicating in English or French so, best to always deal with Dmitriy.
For my project, they needed to demolish the existing secondary. The new layout meant everything; washer/dryer, sink, shower and toilet ALL had to be moved to different locations. Even though this was a complete re-do, I provided Dmitriy with only an approximate drawing of how the new space should be configured. I did NOT give him detailed plans. He immediately understood and filled in all the details and made sure everything was aligned properly and distances were respected.
The rough work is done very quickly and the detailed work, more slowly and meticulously. By the end of day one the old room was completely demolished; the cement floor was opened to accommodate the drains for the new locations of the plumbing and new cement was poured ! The tiling took much more time, but it\'s perfect, level, square and with uniform joint spacing.
Here is what I might do differently next time
Be better prepared.
PLAN your project thoroughly. Try to know exactly what you want. ANY contractor will add anything you add, to the invoice after the project starts. In an old house, assume there will be surprises.
As part of your turn key contract with Dmitriy, some things are included\', but these items may or may not be to your taste and liking, or the initial allowances in the contract might not be sufficient to cover the quality of the items you expect.
Dmitriy provided me the coordinates of his cabinet guy\', who custom made floor-to-ceiling, built-in storage for our project. The money we saved there (compared to some other suppliers) more than compensates for any items that might have cost more than similar, store-bought ones.
In the contract the allocation for your floor / shower tiles and paint was largely insufficient. Dmitriy deducted those costs during the final adjustments. No problem there. It\'s just that your project WILL cost you more than what is in the contract, unless you buy all your stuff at Rona.
So, ensure you figure out all the stuff you want up front and avoid any surprises like this. Also, either buy all my own stuff; heaters, fans, faucets, lights, knobs, tiles, paint, etc OR, have Dmitriy supply them, but I suggest you ask to see samples of everything that\'s included before signing the contract.
We are super happy with the new room. It looks fabulous and the cases I cited above aren\'t really THAT important and could be avoided with better planning.
Dmitriy and his team did a great job, very well executed and on time. I recommend them with a completely clear conscience and will likely do other projects with him in the near future.