Costa Lambrinos


Dmitriy has to be the most reliable contractor I have worked with. I\'ve renovated my house from top to bottom and out of maybe 10 companies specializing in various things only 2 or 3 I would work with again, and then there is Dmitriy who is in a league of his own and I will definitely use again and again.
Dmitriy did a full reno on my basement, I asked him to throw out the 70\'s and the not so handyman errors and start from scratch.
He demolished everything and started with four cement walls. He built a beautiful bathroom/ laundry room, Family room and storage spaces.
I have so much to say I think its easier to put it in a bullet format.
1) Dmitriy always answers when you call (even after you pay him)
2) If he doesn\'t answer he will get back to your message very quickly
3) He listens and respects your opinion
4) He is always on time no matter what
5) He doesn\'t BS, if he can do he says he can do it and he does it well, if he cant he says he cant do instead of mucking it up.
6) Makes good suggestions and is always looking out for his customer
7) He is quality oriented and everything he does he does excellent
There were times when I told him to build something a certain way and he would start and then stop because he thought it didn\'t look right, He would ask me to confirm that\'s what I wanted and sure enough a couple of times he saved me from my own mistakes.
Honestly in a job as big and complex as the one Dmitriy did in my basement there is plenty of opportunity for mistakes and frustrations but Dmitriy made it a more comfortable experience, I was never worried while at work if he was doing it properly he was very dependable.
Honestly he is not the cheapest but the value for your money is difficult to match, overall an excellent value for my money.
Bravo Dmitriy!