Bogdan Cozma


We\'ve hired Dmitriy to do a full reno of our basement, frame, walls, new partitions, bathroom, electricity, floating floor, painting.

Everything went well and there\'s really nothing I can add that was not said in the previous posts.

But just to highlight a few things ...

The most important thing for us was the quality of the work and yes Dmitriy delivered.

We\'ve hired some bozos to do the staircases and they did such a lousy job on the finishing that we asked Dmitriy to finish up the staining and the stringers the right way. Stairs turned out great!

Whenever there were surprises or things that were unplanned for, he would call us, give us the best advice on what could be done then let us decide for ourselves, but he never went ahead and do anything extra w/o talking to us first. And another thing that we appreciated was that if he couldn\'t do a thing right, then he wouldn\'t do it at all. He preferred to refer us to other professionals.

He\'s not cheap, on the contrary, but given the quality of the work, the seriousness, the trustworthiness I would gladly recommend him.